How to Choose a Good DUI Lawyer

When a person is charged with driving under the influence (DUI), the case will typically be handled in front of a judge where the offender will face prosecution. If the case is deemed to be a success, then the offender could find themselves facing jail time, a fine, or even both. In the majority of instances, a penalty will be issued on the driver’s license, as well as a ban, but as each case will be evaluated on an individual basis – it’s important to ensure that the best defense is built to minimise the most severe of penalties.

This is where a lawyer can come in handy and knowing how to choose a good DUI lawyer can make a lot of difference to the success or failure of a claim.

Where to start

Depending on the severity of the case, as well as whether or not it has been deemed a criminal offense, or a simple misdemeanour – offenders might find that their lawyers are provided to them free of charge. Although this can be beneficial when saving money is important, there are far more benefits that can be obtained when hiring an independent practitioner.

A quick search online will offer a range of solicitors to choose from and the more local they are to the person being charged, the better. This is because most lawyers will charge hourly fees and if they are expected to travel for hours to get to a particular destination, costs can soon start to pick up the pace. A local lawyer will only be as good as their experience however, and although the majority will have undertaken extensive grades of higher education – there will always be those that are better at their jobs than others.

These individuals can be fairly straight forward to find, especially if the searcher doesn’t mind spending a little extra time reading through reviews offered by third parties. Most lawyers will base their success on the amount of cases that they are able to gain the desired result from; whether these are reduced sentences, or dismissed cases. This success rate is worth paying attention to above all else, as although it won’t be able to determine the results of their next case; it can provide a good idea of their capabilities as a legal practitioner.

Choosing a good expert

Once you’ve gotten to know a bit more about at least two potential candidates, the next step is to take a look at their rates. Hiring an expert to defend a person being charged with driving under the influence won’t be cheap – and you might find that the higher the rate of success, the greater their costs may be. In any event; covering these expenses can help with sentencing and many people consider the costs a worthy fee if it helps them to minimise their prosecution and avoid jail time.


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